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The belief in education, cultural action, or even cultural revolution as agents of change is a typical belief of the urban middle class. With regard to the women’s question, it is based on the assumption that woman’s oppression has nothing to do with basic material production relations. This assumption is found more among Western, particularly American, feminists who usually do not talk of capitalism. For many western feminists women’s oppression is rooted in the culture of patriarchal civilization. For them, therefore, feminism is largely a cultural movement, a new ideology, or a new consciousness.
Maria Mies, Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale (via proletarianfeminism)

Your Future

Don’t ever compromise the thing you want to do for anyone else.

At 18, I trusted another persons reasoning and left the United States (where I had 4 scholarships including one to the best teaching school in Massachusetts) and went to study in Lebanon. I wasn’t too disappointed while I was in college because I learned a lot and had many wonderful experiences.

However, now after graduating, I am struggling. All I wanted to do was teach, it’s something I’m passionate about. Now, if I want to simply enjoy my life doing a job I love, I need to redo everything. Not to mention getting my masters degree in something that would make sense with a marketing degree. I’m stuck and I have no idea at this point what I need to do.

I quit my office desk job yesterday because in dying everyday. I’m never happy and never feel fully rested or alive. Quitting was the best option and has actually lightened the load. Knowing now that I only need to tutor my kids everyday is a relief because I love doing it.

I’m looking now to find a steady teaching job. Hopefully that goes well. I can’t love my life doing something I hate, and offices aren’t my thing unless it’s one I feel will inspire me to do good. The office I just quit from (sales and real estate) did none of that.

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